Dtune is my latest project, still in development. At the moment, I have released a working beta together with the starter of the project, the one and only David Tomic, that you can visit at dtune.club.

What does Dtune do? It is a collaborative juke-box! Well, that does not really explain everything. It uses PubNub in order to publish song from your favorite Youtube playlist and receive votes, in order to push the most liked videos up in the queue. The desktop version acts as a manager, while the mobile version lists songs and allows the user to vote the next one. In the manager interface, you may login and import your favorite playlist form Youtube. If then you visit the same link on mobile devices or dtune mobile, you will be able to see your “stream”, and vote for the songs.

Give it a try at dtune.club and tell us what you think. Currently in development!