Studiospazio is a full screen gallery with responsive layout and lazy loading of the images.

“Studiospazio is the architectural practice established by Samuele Squassabia, Tao Baerlocher and Eugenio Squassabia. Studiospazio deals with the question of the relationship between architecture and the contemporary reality through projects, competitions, publications and the academic commitment”

The web page idea came as a collaboration between me and the commissioner, Studiospazio. It is designed to be simple and to work wit all devices screen sizes and orientations. It features a infinite scroll, with each project containing at least four images, and an action button on top to show description and plans of one studio’s project.

Regarding the implementation, the gallery is created thanks to the awesome and only flickity library, while the lazy loading is achieved with lazysizes.
Check this project Github repository for some juicy code.